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Before you start your application:

You will be prompted to register an account.  Once you have completed this step, you should be prepared with the following:

  • Name of person(s) to serve as your recommender(s).
  • Email of recommender(s).
  • Things to consider when choosing a recommender(s):
    • Please give the person(s) plenty of time to complete the recommendation letter.
    • Make sure you ask the person(s) first if they will serve as a recommender.
    • The person(s) giving you a letter of recommendation should be a teacher, school counselor, school official or community member who is not related to you.
    • The person(s) giving you a letter should be able to talk about your academic accomplishments, your potential in completing a degree or certificate program, your passion for education beyond high school and your overall character.

Please note that you should submit this information accurately and before you begin the application as the recommender will be sent an email with instructions to upload your letter.


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